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AAAMotivated LLC is an educational consulting partner passionately committed to working with students, educators, and advocates to "Empower & Amplify Youth Voices" as a means of developing young leaders who are in a position to lead local movements of academic, organizational, social, and cultural excellence. 


Develop young leaders to actualize and express themselves in crucial spaces ensuring access, equity, and inclusion so that the necessary steps are taken to bend the arc of time toward successful outcomes that create opportunities and eliminate the barriers for Black Student Success.


Our vision is to normalize authentic, equitable, and inclusive environments that meet the needs of Black youth, securing successful lifelong outcomes.


Taylor D - Alumni

"Mama Kehia, you are apart of my village that helped me get to this point."

Stacy D. - Mentee

"When I thought of who to ask, you were the first person that came to mind!"

Conci8us - Educator

"I commend you for your efforts to support the students and community."
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We Serve the People because We Love the People

We ascribe to the concept of organizing our lives and community around the well being of young people. 


We believe it is imperative to empower and amplify youth voices for collective success.

Our Top Priorities
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About our CEO 

My message to young people - your voice IS the leading voice of our time and our future. Use your voice however that manifests itself. Be true to you and all your divinity so your divine light illuminates every space, physical and non physical, that you occupy. You are unique, powerful, and capable. You have everything inside of you to make an IMPACT on this world.


Kehia McKinney, Founder & CEO

Kehia McKinney, Founder & CEO of AAAMotivated ("Attitude + Action determines Access"), is a dedicated Youth Advocate, Resource Networker, Mentor, and Education Consultant, with a profound focus on Youth Leadership Development. With a fervent commitment to "Empower & Amplify Youth Voices," her company collaborates closely with students, educators, and communities to nurture young leaders capable of driving local movements of academic, organizational, social, and cultural excellence.


Drawing from over 20 years of experience leading youth ministries and directing youth programs across San Mateo County to the San Joaquin Valley, Ms. McKinney has established herself as a thought leader in elevating youth potential both within the community and beyond. Her mentorship has left a lasting impact on program participants, equipping them with the necessary tools to obtain diplomas, degrees, and LLCs.


Driven by a deep passion to bridge the gap faced by many young African American students in today's education landscape, Ms. McKinney champions initiatives that foster self-esteem, advocacy, and self-awareness. Through her guidance, she instills in youth a profound understanding of their inherent skills and resources, empowering them to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with confidence and determination.

"Attitude + Action determines Access"

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