AAAMotivated is a lifestyle platform turned enterprise. We love you for ascribing to the IMPACTFUL youth/ young peoples movement of pride and promise in themselves and the collective. Daily affirmations of the AAAMotivated formula of Attitude + Action determines Access are intentioned to put your mind, heart and soul to work. You deserve the life you want no matter what anyone tells you. Haven't seen anybody granted with two lives at once!  You get one shot at this life; make it the best remembering "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take".

To this end, AAAMotivated stands in the gap of student success by offering professional services in​

  • Consulting and Implementation of  Youth Organizing Programs for schools, other youth advocacy groups, and civic organizations

  • Self Actualization Workshops for youth and parent engagement

  • Education Consulting

  • Motivational Speaking

AAAMotivated -  "Attitude + Action determines Access"

The formula is free.

Attaining the product takes work.

At AAAMotivated we put in the work. Will you?