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High School Edition Diplomas, Degrees & LLCs


AAAMotivated's Black Student Success Week (BSSW) is a dynamic, youth-led initiative designed to empower and celebrate Black students from grades K-12. Serving as a platform for academic, social, and personal development, BSSW shifts the narrative to focus on the abilities and potential of Black students. Through a week-long series of culturally responsive events, workshops, and community activities, students, parents, educators, and community members engage in meaningful experiences that highlight achievements, address critical educational issues, and foster a supportive community. The ultimate goal is to inspire and equip students with the tools, resources, and networks necessary for lifelong success.

THANK YOU to our community champions for investing your time, talent, & treasure towards the limitless potential of our youth, a force that can truly bend the arc of time towards a future of success and empowerment.


Kick-Off Reception


Young Black Think Tank


Poetry Workshop


Black Parent Collective


8th Grade Student Recognition

(BSSW) 2024 Recap & Highlights


Kick-Off Reception

The kickoff reception for Black Student Success Week (BSSW) 2024 was a powerful moment that set the tone for a year of growth and empowerment for our IMPACT Youth Program Cohort Members. Hosted by AAAMotivated, this event was not just a celebration but a crucial guide for the work ahead. At the reception, attended by advisors and trusted community partners, we created a psychologically safe space to empower and amplify the voices of our cohort members. Together, we networked and prioritized the needs and support mechanisms crucial for Black Student Success.


The young people at the event shared their essential needs:

  • To feel wanted in schools and higher education.

  • Exposure to options for life after high school.

  • Financial literacy education.

  • Support, love, empathy, connection, stability, mentorship, leadership, and encouragement.

  • Resources, opportunities, and guidance.


Their voices echo the urgency and importance of our mission. Let's join hands and work tirelessly to provide the support and resources our youth need to thrive. Together, we can make a lasting impact on Black Student Success.

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Young Black Think Tank

Led by graduates who have walked the same path, AAAMotivated's Legacy Alumni Network hosted an impactful discussion empowering young leaders with lifelong success skills. The event brought together alumni, high school and middle school students, advocates, educators, and experts to navigate essential topics including mental and behavioral health, life skills for young adulthood, managing relationships with peers and family, financial literacy, academic achievement, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Cohort Kickback

An evening filled with feasting, friendship, fellowship, reflections, and laughter, our exclusive members-only kickback epitomized the essence of unbounded Black Joy! Throughout the school year, our cohort members have tirelessly supported each other, shown up for other student groups, their schools, and community organizations. It was only fitting to create a space where these dynamic young leaders could relax and enjoy themselves to the fullest.


Poetry Workshop

Over 100 enthusiastic 6-8th graders immersed themselves in a dynamic and interactive poetry workshop, exploring mental and behavioral health tools for self-expression and community building. Hosted at Williams Middle School, this event was a vibrant celebration of creativity and empowerment, leaving no middle schooler out of the excitement. 


Special Guest Spotlight: Loove Moore

A highlight of the event was the presence of special guest Loove Moore, an acclaimed Oakland artist known for his captivating performances and insightful perspectives. Loove Moore inspired students to explore the art of crafting hip-hop songs as a powerful form of self-expression. Participants were invited on stage to share insights and some even captivated their peers with their own performances developing public speaking skills and acquiring tools to overcome fear and anxiety.



Black Parent Collective

In a powerful engagement session, families from multiple school districts and grades came together in a spirit of unity and empowerment. Partnering with the Tracy High School Counseling Department, the Black Parent Collective seized the opportunity to enhance and maximize family engagement. By sharing the model of empowering parents "beyond the tools," we aimed to increase agency and advocacy within our communities.


This space provided parents and caregivers with support, guidance, and inspiration. Discussions centered around fostering positive home environments, advocating for children's needs, navigating educational systems, and promoting holistic well-being for our families. Parents shared experiences, asked questions, and collaborated on strategies for supporting their children's success. The connections made during this session were invaluable, and we are excited to see the ripple effects of empowered parents in our communities.



8th Grade Student Recognition Celebration

The 2024 program culminated in a grand salute to deserving students, nominated by community members and educators, who embodied the pillars of our IMPACT Youth Leadership Development Program: leadership, academic excellence, and community engagement. The afternoon began with a procession to the rhythm of African ceremonial drums. During the ceremony, each student was recognized for their outstanding achievements in academics, leadership, and community involvement. The 8th-grade recipients received certificates, affirmation, and recognition gifts, with families and attendees expressing heartfelt thanks for being supported and welcomed into the AAAMotivated family network. The smiles said it all!

2024 Special Recognitions:

Beverly A. McKinney Memorial Impact Book Award

Recipient: Zariyah Dixon

AAAMotivated’s Advocate Impact Recognition

Recipients: Dominique Mason, Miguel Romo, Jon Waggle


The celebration concluded with words of inspiration, serving as a source of motivation and empowerment, encouraging students to continue striving for excellence in high school and beyond, knowing they have a supportive community rallying behind them.

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